Psychotherapy works better when there is continuity and you meet weekly or as arranged. You benefit from it only if you show up at the expected times.

If you miss sessions, my attempts to help you will be sub-optimal. I do not like thinking I am providing sub-optimal services.

Because of this, when you miss a session I will call you and try to help you troubleshoot whatever is preventing you from coming to sessions. If you miss two appointments in a row then I will try to contact you again.

If you do not answer my attempts to contact you and help you out, or miss another session, I will then be put in the position to assume you don’t need my services as much as you thought. I will consider our therapeutic relationship ended, and proceed to discharge you.


Once you feel ready to return and to commit to a consistent attendance pattern, you are welcome to call me to make an appointment, and I will be delighted to restart work with you in more optimal conditions.


Life happens. I understand that occasionally you may be late. If you are late, you will be charged for the full fee and the ending time will not be adjusted.

If you have a pattern of late arrivals, I will offer to change your time to one that suits your needs better.

Sometimes you may be using lateness to parse or avoid the session. This is not unusual.

When I suspect this is the case, or you share your impressions, we will go over the causes for your lateness to help you troubleshoot and get to sessions on time.


Please let me know if you need to cancel an appointment or if you cannot show up for your session. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment for any reason, please cancel or reschedule so with at least 48 hours notice.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice before your appointment, you will be charged the full fee.

If you cancel twice in a row, whether in advance or not, I will consider you have forfeited your time in my schedule and proceed to offer that time to someone that can attend.


When you make an appointment, you reserve the exclusive use of my services. If you miss a session you will be charged for the session, unless you call to cancel at least 48 hours in advance.

If you are late, you will be charged for the full fee and the ending time will not be adjusted.



If you need to contact me by phone during regular office hours, please call the receptionist at any of my offices (you can find the contact information on the appointment page), and let them know you are trying to get in touch with me.

They will attempt to relay the message and, once they reach me, I will attempt to contact you as soon as I finish with my current patients.

I am not set-up to deal with phone emergencies. See EMERGENCIES below.


I do not text with clients. Texting is not confidential because one cannot be sure who is actually pressing the keys or reading the messages. A collague of mine sometimes jokes that she could be texting with a really smart dog or pet, for all she knows!

If you need me to text you, I can do so after you sign a waiver of confidentiality.


I am pleased to communicate with you through e-mail. However, you should know that communication via e-mail might not be secure. E-mail should not be used to communicate emergency or urgent health matters.

I do not use email for urgent or confidential matters.

• If you send me an email, you will receive my answer within 2 working days. This means that, if you send me an email during a late evening, you might not get a response until two days later. Of course, I try to respond to them sooner, when I can. I take my free time seriously so I will not usually respond to emails during my time off, when I am relaxing and recharging.

• I do not conduct any therapeutic work over email because it is not confidential.

• In my experience, email is not a good medium for dialogue or exchanging vital information because it is not clear what tone one is using, and leads to misunderstandings, and it is not confidential.


Code of Ethics

I follow the Code of Ethics of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Click here to read the OCSWSSW Code.


In case of an emergency, please go to the nearest hospital emergency room or dial 911.

I am not set-up to provide emergency or crisis services. I cannot guarantee that I will be available if you have an emergency.

Click here: for CRISIS RESOURCES >>

After you take care of your emergency, and once you are out of danger, please contact me to let me know what happened. If I can, I will try to reach you to get updated and help you get the resources you might need.



My fees are aligned with the fees suggested by the OCSWSSW for my level of training, effectiveness, location, and experience. Each one of the sites where I work has its own fee structure. You can go through the Appointments page to get this information.

My regular fee is $180 for individual 50 minute sessions.

I ask that each session’s fee be paid in full, in advance or immediately after the session.

Fees: a sliding scale?

My way of “paying forward” the lower fees I was offered by therapists in the past i sby having 2 sliding scale slots. If you believe that my services are perfect for your needs and you are going through a time in your life when you cannot pay my full fee, it is possible that one of the sliding scale slots might be open.

If a slot is open I will offer to negotiate a fee tailored to both of our financial capacities. If a slot is not open, I will not be able to serve your needs since the way I make a living is by charging a fee for my professional services. In any case, should I not be able to work with you, I will be happy to help you find someone that fits your budget.



Psychotherapy is not covered by OHIP, except in limited circumstances where it is provided by a psychiatrist and prescribed by your physician.

Most people pay out of pocket for psychotherapy, or use the supplemental insurance programs offered as benefits by their employers or company.

There are agencies that provide FREE or sliding scale services for individuals that do not have supplemental benefits or cannot afford treatment.


Every Insurance plan has different coverage, so I encourage you to call your insurance company before you start services with me. I would not know the answer about your particular plan or insurance.

Please ask them about what information they will need to see on the receipt so you can share than with us before we issue you your receipt. (I highly recommend you do this)


When you pay for services, the reception staffer will provide you with a clear receipt that will indicate the type of service, provider, contact information, and the fee paid. You must then submit that receipt to your insurance for reimbursement as per their instructions.

If you need any other specific information on the receipt, please let the reception staffer know before you pay, so they can gladly provide you with a receipt that includes the information you will need.



I am a Master’s level Registered Clinical Social worker with a MSW degree from New York University.

I am registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers to practice social work, which is one of the professions allowed by law to practice psychotherapy, a regulated profession. My registration number is RSW # 830915.

I am also licensed in the State of Connecticut as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). My license number is LCSW #010211.


When it is not working out for you…

Are you feeling that our work is not working out for you? Please let me know if it is so!!! I am very caring, engaged and empathic, yet it is always possible I may miss something. I am human, like you! In the event that things are not going the way you hoped, I would like to know, so I can change the way I work with you and optimize our sessions.

I am very flexible and very comfortable with many strategies and techniques, so feel free to share whatever you are feeling or thinking, so that I can customize your experience and make it work for you. It will be my pleasure.


Sometimes, the fit is not right. I may not be the right professional to work with you. I don’t expect to be the right therapist for everybody. Please let me know when this is the case so I can direct you to someone else that can continue helping you. My goals are to help you improve your life, and finding the right fit is more helpful than staying stuck.