How do I go about helping you?

You will quickly experience that the way I offer guidance and help for your life journey is collaborative, engaged and focused on your goals.


I find that people experience a feeling of ease and relief, because I am naturally engaged, authentic and direct.



I encourage you to meet me and see for yourself if I am offering the help and guidance you need in your journey.

Please feel invited to make a free Meet and Greet appointment to ask me any questions you may have, by clicking the button below, or going to the Contact Me tab at the top menu. There is no obligation or fee for the Meet and Greet appointment.

I practice a humanist philosophy based on Martin Buber’s philosophy of being fully present in a relationship of mutual respect. My approach might feel as the opposite to that of those movie therapists where the therapist is silent and writes on a pad, aloof and distant, uttering grunts. I am very engaged with what you bring.

I offer my views openly when you ask. I use humor, respectfully, and pointedly. When you have doubts or questions, I will give you my feed-back generously and transparently.

Also, you will notice that I am trained to track my intellectual  and emotional responses to keep it about you and your goals. This is necessary for your process to be effective.

Ideally, you will feel more understood and guided, and gain skills, insight and awareness.

You can trust that I will take care of both of us in the process, and endeavor to maintain you as safe as possible.

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