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This relaxing program is oriented to the busy individual who would like to start the weekend reaping the benefits of practicing mindfulness skills and wants expert guidance that is not coming from a phone app. Mindfulness is a naturally occurring attentional state that is often clouded by mental habits and other distractions. It is defined as awareness of the present moment without judgment. It has many benefits.

The work-related benefits of tapping into mindfulness include more focus and clarity, less stress, and improved productivity. Possible health benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced pain, and better sleep. The program’s goal is to provide participants with the skills needed to use mindfulness for a better quality of life and optimal performance.

Drawing from different modalities, each workshop will start with a medium-length guided mindfulness practice directed to bring you to a state of relaxation and calm. Coaching directed to fine-tune each participant’s skills will follow. After the initial practice and coaching, I will share practical mini- mindfulness practices and provide guidance on how to engage in skills during the rest of the week, when participants are coping with busy schedules and work demands.


 The workshop is organized in four session thematic units so you can commit to a unit of four, where you can learn a specific set of skills. You can also take it continuously for acquiring a variety of mindfulness skills and getting weekly opportunities to practice. Every four sessions, the class rotates to focus on a slightly different set of practices, so you can enjoy variety and the calm and focus that can result from regular practice.

 If possible, bring clothes that are not too tight or restrict your motion.

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