Anxiety can paralyze you and make your life stagnant

Anxiety can paralyze you and make your life stagnant


Anxiety is an emotional loop that can result from being "conditioned" to feel apprehension or fear about something that has not yet happened. It can also be the result of organic processes in your body, such as hormonal processes or the result of too much exposure to fight+flight response due to heightened stressors. We use mindfulness, CBT, DBT and talk therapy to examine the underlying factors and dismantle the emotional response, which can be very distressing to experience.

 Depression can sap all your energy.

Depression can sap all your energy.


One in three individuals experiences some form of depression or other at some point of their lives. Depression can include a debilitating lack of energy that can make everything seem impossible. Your energy is drained. The mind is taken over by negative and defeatist thoughts that loop into a system that makes you see the world as a hopeless and pointless experience. This can begin to make a person feel that life is not worth living, experiencing passive hopes of death and, in some cases, wanting to end their lives.

There are many ways in which I work with depression. Behavioral activation is a technique where you and I agree on acting against your feelings and following scheduled activities. We start very small with things such as exercise and restoring things you did with pleasure before  your depression hit. This helps regain a feeling of mastery over your life that can start to lift some of the weight off your shoulders and enhance your self-esteem, and give you room to examine what is making you feel so poorly.

We also look at your thoughts and find antidotes to the negative thinking that brings you down using Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. We will practice some of these skills together during the session and them generalize them into the rest of your life.

 You are warmly welcome!

You are warmly welcome!

 The problem is not "being" LGBTQI2S. The problem is the oppression thrust on LGBTQI2S individuals by a dominant hetero-normative society.

The problem is not "being" LGBTQI2S. The problem is the oppression thrust on LGBTQI2S individuals by a dominant hetero-normative society.


Living according to one's identity can be a source of joy and fullfillment. We offer a safe and welcoming space to members of sexual, trans, affective and gender minorities who seek therapy or counseling.  We offer full support of the rights of every individual to self-define. 

Our therapy is based on a firmly held  belief that LGBTQI2S individuals suffer additional burdens caused by dominant hetero-normative society that range from daily micro-aggressions that erode one's sense of calm and belonging, to outright traumatic violence. Ariel addresses these issues and helps you journey with pride and self-advocacy into a full life.

We offer trainings to other professionals in how to work with individuals of varied sexual, affective and gender identities.

Ariel also brings into the therapeutic work a keen awareness of how expectations from different cultural backgrounds affect your experience.



Chronic mental illness can be managed with the goal of living a fruitful and rewarding life. There are many way in which one can improve one's condition and Ariel has excellent training and ample experience in this area. My experience has taught me see the strengths of each person and to recognize the incredible resilience and ability we humans have to adapt to hardships and challenges. I learned to become attuned to the individuality with each individual experiences their condition.

Stigma is the main reason most people feel strange taking care of their conditions effectively. We think of mental illness differently than other organic conditions people want to overcome. Stigma and magical thinking tend to make people behave against maintaining good self-care and staying with psychiatric medications or naturopathic methods that help manage the illness. Ariel has a keen awareness of how expectations from different cultural backgrounds affect the experience of mental health conditions, too. Often, therapy work well to help you see where internalized stigma and prejudice get in the way of a better life.

Having worked and lived as an artist, I have grown to appreciate the privilege of working with human beings that see the world in diverse and interesting manners. We  know for a fact that having a mental illness diagnosis can make people think in unique and gifted ways, and a movement is growing in the world to embrace mental illness as a gift, not a curse. The reality and experience of living with mental illness is different for each person, however, so we work according to your specific condition, values and goals.




Whether you are intentionally taking steps for changing your life or whether you are in the midst of unexpected changes, we can work with you to help you find the grace to turn your experience into meaning, wisdom and joy.

We will use mindfulness to become aware of opportunities to invite joy into your life and learn to perceive the world's synchronicity in auspicious events that present to you as gifts.

Goal setting and balancing the demands of a creative life might seem impossible, but with an experienced professional like Ariel at your side your chances of succeeding can improve.