Should I seek therapy?

Should I seek therapy?


Why not? Psychotherapy is simply one way to fill the function of support systems that no longer exist. In our rather secular lives, we do not have the supports that were built into traditional societies. These supports existed in the form of extended families, multi-generational homes, initiation societies, mentorship, and spiritual practices like shamanic rituals. The result is that nowadays many people feel left alone with their problems.

Others feel that their friends and family members might not be ready for hearing what troubles them. Some do not have friends or families that are there for them for different reasons. Psychotherapy is one way to get alternate ways of thinking about your life.

I often help you when your feelings are sapping your energies away, you feel afraid of taking necessary steps or you feel confused. Sometimes checking in with someone like me can help organize your thoughts and gain clarity.

Doing therapy with me can help you feel liberated from weakening feelings, fear, anger or confusion. It can start to relieve you from your suffering.